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Oversiktsbilete av Sandnes by - Fotograf

Sandnes got city status as late as 1860 and is today a city of strong development, with a population of 77,000 inhabitants. Sandnes has for decades been characterized by strong population growth and optimism, and today the city is Norway's 7th largest with a rich sports culture and a vibrant nightlife.


Region's hub

The Sandnes city center is a regional hub for communication; car, bus or train. From here, there is a connecting train south and north on the Jærbanen. The distance to the Stavanger Sola Airport is 15 minutes, and you can in relatively short time get to the beach for a stroll or to the mountains for a hike.


Sandnes has long traditions within various industries, for example in bicycle production, pottery and wool production. Today there are many companies related to the oil and gas industry.


The Blink Summer Ski Festival is a traditional ski and biathlon event hosted in the city streets every summer. The same is true for the Tour de Fjords bike race which has a finish line in the middle of the city center. These events bring together some of the world's best athletes and reflects Sandnes great proximity to nature and outdoor activities.


Sandnes has a strong athletics environment and the Ingebrigtsen family is now worldwide known for their achievements. Sandnes athletics club has fostered many well-known athletes throughout the years and has tradition back to 1946. The sports team has organized the National championship several times and last time was in 2017.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Sandnes!

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